Court Fees

  Fee /  hour

Permanent members - day


Permanent members - night


Casual - day


Casual - night

Permanent Membership Fees $5 pa


Court Hire

Our courts are well maintained and have an automated opening and locking system, and they can be accessed from 7 AM to 10.30 PM. It is always a good idea to take a couple of extra balls in case you happen to hit a ball onto another court which may be inaccessible at the time. 

Please book online by first selecting the date from the calendar on the right below and then clicking on the time slot required from the table on the left below. 

Automated Gates:

Welcome to our tennis club's new code-based gate system! To access the courts, follow these simple instructions:

1. Gate Code Assignment: Your unique Gate Code is assigned to you and can be found on the receipt emailed to you upon completing your payment.

2. Permanent Gate Code: Your Gate Code remains constant for all bookings. Please make a note of it and keep it in a secure place for easy access when arriving at the courts for any reservation.

3. Access Times: The Gate Code allows you to open the gate only during the days and times of your confirmed bookings. It will not work at any other times.

4. Ease of Use: Our Coded Gate Lock is designed for simplicity. Additionally, you'll find instructions on the actual lock of each gate for your convenience.

Enjoy the seamless experience of our new code-based gate system, and have a great time on the courts!


Reservations must be made through the online booking system using credit card only. 

You can cancel or update your booking via the online booking system up to 12 hours prior to the booking's start time.

In case of bad weather within the period of up to 12 hours prior to your booking's start time and you would like to cancel or change the booking, please contact Doreen via email doreen_hamilton@hotmail.com.

Bad weather is the only acceptable reason for changes and cancellations of your booking within the 12 hours period prior to your booking's start time. 



A weekly court time slot may be reserved on an ongoing basis by contacting Doreen Hamilton (Club Secretary) via email at doreen_hamilton@hotmail.com. Payment is on a monthly basis and is due in advance via the online booking system. The reservation will continue until you advise Doreen otherwise.

Refunds or rescheduling of bookings are not permitted if courts are unusable due to poor weather or other inconveniences. Our fees are structured with a discount to account for possible disruptions, including those caused by wet weather. 

Should you wish to suspend your permanent booking, you can do so once each rolling year for up to a maximum period of 6 weeks. To avail of this suspensin, please contact Secretary Doreen at least 2 weeks in advance of the intended suspension period. This advance notice allows the Secretary to make the court available for casual hire. 

For further details on the conditions of permanent court hire, please refer to this page the Conditions of Permanent Court Hire page.