Conditions of Permanent Court Hire


Fees are due and payable monthly in advance.

Fees are structured and discounted to compensate for wet weather.

No further reduction applies for days lost due to weather or inconvenience. 



Hirers are obliged to advise Secretary Doreen in writing.

Old keys must be returned directly to Doreen at a mutually agreed time and location. Please do not return the old keys to Westleigh Service Centre.


HOLIDAY “hold over” PERIOD:

Permanent booking groups may choose to suspend their booking once per rolling year for up to 6 weeks. During this period, fees will be waived provided the hiring group gives 2 weeks' written notice to the Secretary (except in special circumstances). This notice allows the Secretary to make the court available for casual hire.



During school holidays the club sponsors children’s coaching clinics, Court/s used for this purpose have priority over all permanent bookings.



Lights are to be switched off by the last group leaving the area.

Security lights remain on permanently, allowing adequate illumination when leaving the premises.

Please ensure windows and doors are locked, rubbish removed and the area is left tidy.

Please report any damage to the Secretary.



Permanent bookings that fall into arrears 3 months or longer will risk cancellation of their booking, even if there has been no follow up by the club.

It remains the responsibility of the hirer to ensure fees are paid when due, (monthly in advance).


Enquiries To:

Doreen, Ph 0411 635 630


Westleigh Tennis Club Inc.

Liying, liying.taylor@creata.com


Westleigh Tennis Club Inc.